China Earthquake Kills 89

A Northwestern China earthquake has killed 89 and injured nearly 600 residents. The 5.9-magnitude earthquake was recorded as less than a mile deep. A majority of the damage was confined to the rural Gansu Province.

At least 17 people are still missing as residents and rescue workers sift through the rubble. Rescue teams from several organizations, including China’s Red Cross Society, have traveled to the area to help.

As reported by CNN, residents who have lost their homes will be provided with small tents, food, and other supplies.

In addition to destroying numerous homes, the earthquake damaged telephone lines and at least one major highway. Travel by train has been halted to prevent further injury to residents.

Loss of communication and travel restrictions have impeded the rescue efforts. Police troops are currently in the process of repairing National Highway 212, so rescue workers will have better access to the affected region.

Continuing heavy rains may slow down the rescue efforts, as flooding is an ongoing concern. Officials fear that if the rain continues, landslides will threaten residents who remain in the area.

As reported by NBC News, the China earthquake, and aftershocks, have destroyed over 5,000 residential buildings. This is the second serious earthquake in the region in the last three months.

A 6.6-magnitude earthquake killed 164 people in Sichuan Province in April. Nearly 7,000 people were injured.

The latest earthquake was not quite as severe. However, the rescue efforts are far from over. Nearly 20,000 people live in the Gansu Province.

As reported by Christian Science Monitor, China has experienced over 20 earthquakes, registering over 6.0 on the Richter scale, in the last five years. Nearly 3,000 residents have died in the earthquakes.

According to the China Earthquake Administration, Gansu Province is situated along a specifically active fault line. The province has now experienced 25 earthquakes.

As the rescue efforts continue, residents have noted a more organized effort. As the residents have dealt with numerous disasters, they have noted that the response time and distribution of supplies continues to improve.

[Image via Flickr]