Beijing Airport Blast Set Off By Man In Wheelchair [Breaking]

A Beijing airport blast set off by a bomber in a wheelchair is being reported by the BBC and social media.

Many of the earlier reports came to China’s official micro-blogging site Weibo but are now being reported on Twitter, which is banned in China, as well. I’ve posted a photograph tweeted by one Twitter user down below, so you can get an idea of the scene.

According to the BBC report, a man in a wheelchair named as Ji Zhongxing from Shandong province waved a package of gunpowder near Beijing Capital International Airport’s Terminal 3 arrival gates. He then detonated the package, causing smoke to spread through the area and hurting himself.

He received emergency treatment on the scene and was then taken to a hospital.

The man seems to have harmed only himself, and there’s no word yet on why he set off the blast.

Here are the updates from China’s CCTV:

Here’s a photograph that an SF Twitter poster shared which reportedly shows the alleged wheelchair bomber moments before the blast went off at the Beijing International Airport:

Here’s a bit more from that Twitter user:

We’ll update you with more information about the Beijing airport blast and the wheelchair bomber as we get it.

[Beijing airport photo by Vmenkov via Wikimedia]