Bachmann Aide Arrested With Theft Charges

A Michele Bachmann aide was arrested recently after an investigation charged the staffer with theft at the Rayburn House Office Building. The arrest occurred last Thursday; however, it was not made public knowledge by authorities until late Monday.

The suspect, Javier Sanchez, 37, is known as a top aide to Bachmann, a Republican representative from Minnesota. Sanchez was listed in a staff directory as Bachmann’s legislative director, as CNN reports, however it is unknown whether that is the most current information.

An official from Bachmann’s office commented that as of Friday, Sanchez was “no longer with the office.” The spokesman, Dan Kotman, declined to comment further.

Shennel Antrobus, speaking on behalf of Capitol Police, stated that an investigation by law enforcement earlier in this year found Sanchez to be identified as a suspect linked to thefts from Representative Bachmann’s House office, located in the Rayburn House Office Building.

The building houses offices for many representatives and various committees in Washington, D.C.

Antrobus added that the Bachmann aide was arrested on Theft II charges. Theft II deals with property crime valued under $1,000.

An anonymous senior official with Washington law enforcement told sources that Sanchez is suspected to be involved in the theft of money from the Rayburn House Office Building, reports UPI.

Police officials declined to state whether Javier Sanchez was being held in custody or whether a date had been set yet for his arraignment.

The recent arrest of the Bachmann aide was not linked to other recent reports of thefts from the House office building, authorities said.

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