Six People Fired For ‘Improperly’ Accessing Kim Kardashian’s Hospital Records During Her Pregnancy

Kim Kardashian six hospital

Kim Kardashian’s hospital files were “improperly accessed” by six employees at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the hospital where she gave birth to her and Kanye West’s first daughter, North West earlier this month.

These five workers and a student research assistant have all been fired after they breached the institution’s privacy rules regarding patient medical records.

Officials at Cedars-Sinai confirmed in a statement that 14 patient records were “inappropriately access.” These occurred between June 18 and June 24.

Of those involved, four were employees of community physicians, each of whom have medical staff privileges at the hospital. One other was an unpaid student who is currently employed as a research assistant and the other was a medical assistant.

The latest addition to the Kardashian family was born on June 15, and Kim then stayed in the hospital for a week. A spokeswoman has declined to confirm the name of the patients whose files were accessed, however those whose records were looked at have been told.

When asked for a comment on the matter last Friday, a spokesman for both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West didn’t respond.

David Blake, Cedars-Sinai’s chief privacy officer, released a statement regarding the matter that the hospital has “a high standard for security,” before adding, “unauthorized access to any patient’s record is, quite simply, unacceptable.”

Sources close to the Kardashian family have admitted that they believed the hospital was leaking information regarding the birth of Kim’s child. Various media reports have surfaced since North West was born, regarding the child that Kim hasn’t told anyone.

It has also been revealed that Kim is happy that the matter has been dealt with, and is pleased with the course of action that the hospital has taken against those responsible for the violation of her privacy.

Do you think those employees who accessed Kim Kardashian’s files deserve to have been fired?

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