Kim Kardashian Voted Most Likely To Lie About Her Ethnicity In High School

Kim Kardashian was granted a bizarre distinction back in high school: Most likely to lie about her ethnicity.

In probably what amounts to the most random yet not terribly surprising piece of Kardashian trivia ever, Kim’s classmates thought by a vast majority that she’d tell white lies about her heritage to either get out of trouble or somehow benefit her situation.

Kim’s “Most Likely To Lie About Her Ethnicity” high school factoid was actually revealed in an Allure piece in 2010, but it’s making rounds again today thanks to BuzzFeed and their “You’ll Never Guess What These Celebs Were Voted In High School” list.

Marymount High School students also dubbed Kim “Most Likely to Meet Her Husband at the Million Man March.” That’s two race-related barbs against the Kardashian princess. Boy, high school can be tough.

Kim Kardashian, in case you didn’t know, is of Armenian descent and darn proud of it (along with the rest of her family). So we don’t really know what all of this “lying about her ethnicity” stuff is about. Is it sarcasm? Did she actually used to lie about her ethnicity? We’ll likely never know.

Other fun bits from BuzzFeed‘s list: Tom Cruise was voted by his classmates “Least Likely To Succeed,” and he sure showed them. Sylvester Stallone, meanwhile, was voted “Most Likely To End Up In The Electric Chair.” Yikes!

Check out the whole list here.

Are you surprised that Kim Kardashian was voted “Most Likely To Lie About Her Ethnicity” back in high school?

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