Vampire Couple Drink Each Other’s Blood Weekly [Graphic Video]

Vampire couple Lia Benninghoff, 20, and Aro Draven, 38, are not your run of the mill couple when it comes to rituals of love.

These real-life vampires make it a point to drink each other’s blood on a weekly basis.

Both Beninghoff and Draven were looking for a more intimate relationship when they met each other last February on a dating website. The first thing that they had in common was their gothic lifestyle.

Benninghoff told the Daily Star “When he told me he was a vampire, it was exciting. I didn’t realize vampires actually existed,” and goes on to say that “when he explained that blood sharing would bring us closer together, I asked him to turn me.” Despite her parents being happy with their relationship says Benninghoff, there is still a concern as to how they are going to react when she finally tells them that she is a vampire.

This special ritual was performed at 3am in Haverhill, Suffolk UK. “Aro cut himself with a razor and offered me his blood. Then I cut myself and he drank from me too.” described Benninghoff. The vampire couple claim that drinking each other’s blood is much more intimate than sex, and claim that it feels like energy running through them.
Since they only drink each other’s blood once a week, the couple supplements their diet with raw meat from the local butcher. This is often served with a glass or two of pig’s blood.
Draven apparently has had a craving for blood since he was a small child. His mother told him that once she had a cut on her finger and “I just went for it,” he explained.”There’s vampires everywhere,” says Draven. “Vampires can be doctors, nurses, solicitors, bank managers, mechanics, someone working in your local supermarket your friends, your family. We could be anyone.”A date has been set for this vampire couple to be wed, on Halloween.