Kovan Murder: Singapore Investigators Say Police Sergeant Committed Brutal Double Slaying

The Kovan murder suspect has been identified, and Singapore police say the man responsible for a brutal double slaying is one of their own.

Police in Singapore have arrested 34-year-old policeman Iskandar Rahmat, who arrived in with officers an unmarked police car at the home of murder victim Tan Boon Sin and spent about 15 minutes before being driven away again.

Police on Wednesday found the body of 67-year-old Tan Boon Sin dead in his home. The man’s son, 42-year-old Tan Chee Heong, was dragged in a car for close to a mile to Kovan MRT station, where he was also found dead.

Though police have not yet given a motive for the Kovan murder, it was reported that suspect Iskandar Rahmat was in debt because of “domestic personal matters.”

That debt may have played a role in the Kovan murder. Rahmat was reportedly facing disciplinary action at work and had been relegated to administrative duties, meaning he could not carry a gun. This was reportedly in relation to his personal debt.

The suspect’s relationship to the older murder victim was unclear, but records indicated that Tan made a theft report to the police in November and listed Rahmat as a suspect.

Ramat fled to Malaysia on a scooter after the murder, but was held by Royal Malaysian Police before being extradited.

After the arrest, neighbors said it appeared that officers were measuring parts of the Kovan murder victim’s house, recreating the crime scene.

On Saturday afternoon, about 15 police officers also went to the suspect’s home, knocking on the door for close to 20 minutes before the people at the home would open up for them. Witnesses said police stayed there for close to four hours, leaving with bags of evidence at close to 5 pm.

The Kovan murder suspect was on the police force for 14 years and served as a senior staff sergeant at the police station in Bedok. At a press conference Saturday morning, police commissioner Ng Joo Hee said the arrest marked “a sad day for the police.”