Paris Train Derailment: ‘Many Casualties’ Reported

[UPDATE: The Paris train derailment reportedly involved three trains. Initial reports state that at least 8 people were killed in the crash and several more were injured. The original story continues below.]

A train in Paris derailed today near the suburb of Bretigny-Sur-Orge. The exact death toll is not known at this time but one official said that there had been “many casualties.”

According to, the Paris prefect’s office issued a red alert shortly after the derailment.

The BBC notes that the “intercity” train was leaving the Paris station and heading to Limoges when it derailed. The train then crashed into a station platform.

It is unclear if anyone on the platform was injured during the incident.

The Telegraph reports that several people are still stuck on board the train. Rescue workers are currently on the scene.

The French news site La Parisien reports that at least 8 people were killed in the crash. The accident reportedly involved three trains. Some of the passengers were “electrocuted and crushed” during the accident.

Mayor of Brétigny Bernard Decaux said (with the help of Google Translate): “Three trains are entangled with one behind the other in front of the station and a fourth lying a little farther south. I have no idea of the (death toll). There were several people injured in the accident. Everyone was running in all directions. This is panic. It is an apocalyptic spectacle.”

Bretigny je suis choqué

— Roby (@be_roby) July 12, 2013

This story will be updated as more details become available.

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