Pregnant Radio Host’s Water Breaks On-Air, Male Presenters Panic

The pregnant presenter of a morning radio show on KS107.5 — a Denver, Colorado station — shocked her co-hosts when her water broke live on air on Wednesday morning.

Kathie J quickly realised that her water had broken, just at the same time as her host, Kendall B, was introducing a new story on their show.

Kendall confusingly remarks, “Oh my God, gross! That is so… Did you just pee?” Kathie simply begins to giggle as he other presenters start to make jokes at her expense, with one stating, “Code red!” whilst another starts making the sound of a siren.

Kathie then explains to her male counterparts what was happening before she then asks, “What do I do now?” to which her co-host declares, “Call your husband for God’s sake!”

Kathie remained professional throughout the ordeal and was then rushed off to hospital. However, the radio station made sure to catch up with her a few hours later.

She told the evening radio show, “I’m in the room, I’m all hooked up and we’re just waiting for the arrival of Baby J.” Later on in the day, it was announced that Kathie had given birth to her first child, a baby girl, who was born on Wednesday night at a healthy weight and size.

Kathie’s due date was not until next Tuesday, and her water breaking came as a complete surprise. She told the radio station, “I was just going to keep working and working, and, oh my gosh, there it happened. I felt like I was tinkling myself on-air. And that’s normal.”

Kathie was quick to note that she’d made the right choice by going into radio, otherwise it could have been a lot worse. She joked, “I made the right career choice in radio rather than rolling in a full TV camera crew!”

[Image via Facebook]