Dead Baby Wakes In Chapel

A dead baby woke inside a chapel in Brazil. Yasmin Gomes stopped breathing shortly after her birth. She was pronounced dead and taken to the hospital chapel and placed inside a small box. Three hours later she was discovered alive.

Yasmin was born at Lincoln Graca hospital in Londrina, south Brazil. She stopped breathing moments after her birth. Despite doctor’s best efforts, they were unable to revive her.

As reported by International Business Times, a doctor pronounced her dead. The death certificate was signed and family members were notified.

Jenifer da Silva Gomes, Yasmin’s mother, was devastated. She states that her “world crashed down” when she heard the news.

Nurses helped prepare Yasmin for the arrival of her grandmother, who was three hours away. The newborn was dressed in a burial gown and was placed inside a small box. The box was left in the hospital chapel.

When Yasmin’s grandmother, Elza Silva, arrived at the chapel she realized the “dead” baby was awake. Yasmin’s family and the hospital staff are convinced it was a miracle.

As reported by the Brazil Dispatch, the doctor and nurses who attended the birth are convinced that Yasmin was in fact dead. One of the nurses explains what she observed:

“I can guarantee that the child was dead. Her pupils no longer responded to light. The signs all pointed to the complete absence of life.”

Another nurse who was present states she “saw that [Yasmin] was completely dead.”

Silva explains that finding her granddaughter alive was surreal. She could barely comprehend what was happening. She simply states that “it was God.”

Yasmin’s nurse agrees, stating that “there is no medical explanation” for what occurred. She is convinced that “it was a miracle.”

It is uncommon for a “dead” baby to wake up. However, for the family of Yasmin Gomes it was an unexpected and welcome surprise. Everyone present for the birth, death, and revival, are certain they experienced a miracle.

[Image via Flickr]