‘The Bridge’ FX Series Premiere Sparks Doubts About Diane Kruger Role [Videos]

So The Bridge, an FX new original series, premiered at 10 PM on Wednesday night. You can see the trailer for the hotly anticipated series starring Diane Kruger by clicking that button on the top video.

The Bridge FX series is about an international murder that brings law enforcement officials into conflict and partnership between El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. Diane Kruger plays the role of a Texas lead detective with Asperger’s Syndrome, Sonya Cross.

The inspiration was a Scandinavian hit, also called The Bridge. I might as well admit that I already think a woman with this condition would go much further in the egalitarian Nordic nations than in west Texas, but you know. It’s TV.

Diane Kruger opened up to US News about The Bridge role, saying that FX had brought in autism consultant Alex Plank to help her develop the character:

“I was very confused and a little thrown off by Sonya, I didn’t know if I like her or what was her deal…By episode three, I thought she was one of the coolest characters I’d seen on television.

“I don’t think Sonya is the typical, gun toting cop or detective…She is more cerebral and has laser focus on things other cops don’t see — her attention to detail is extraordinary.”

But the socially clueless character is a tough one to like, and the viewer reaction is a bit mixed. At the time of writing, an E Online poll voted 80 percent in favor of saving rather than sinking The Bridge, but the comments made it clear that it wasn’t because viewers were all that enthusiastic. Here’s some typical thoughts:

“I think it’s kind of stupid to judge a show’s fate after one episode…”

“This was a big disapointment to me. I hate Sonya’s attitude and it hurts to watch her in this role. It did not make an impression on me.”

“But what else is there to watch on a mid summer wednesday at 10 pm? So it’s saved for a few weeks.”

Some of the Twitter reaction was downright cruel if not unprintable:

Here’s another trailer from the The Bridge FX YouTube channel here:

What are your thoughts on The Bridge FX premiere?

[Diane Kruger still photo credit: Siebbi via photopin cc]