‘Happy 2013th Birthday, America’ May Be 4th Of July’s Silliest Tweet

As 4th of July epic Twitter trolls go, 2013 may be a severe letdown after 2012’s epic Chris Rock tweet. So far, the Twitter furor of the day seems to involve a cute young thing blurting out, “It’s crazy to think God made America 2013 years ago. Happy birthday America.”

Yeah, OK. It’s definitely pretty crazy to think that. Some people might even say it’s downright cuckoo.

And the whackadoo statement is definitely getting its share of retweets, copycats, and colorful commentary.

However, wishing America a happy 2013th birthday may be a cruel way to say that we’re getting old, but it hardly compares to the Chris Rock classic: “Happy white people’s independence day. The slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed the fireworks.”


I’m not about to get involved in fighting that battle, but let’s all agree that he probably had something to say.

But the new Happy 2013th Birthday, America tweets are probably just straight-up trolling. What do you think?

Here’s one version of the 2013 Happy Birthday America tweet pretty much picked at random:

It was quickly followed up by the usual me too’s and wannabes:

Of course, if you do take the tweets seriously, you’ve got to figure that some people are too stupid to live. So you get some of this reaction:

And just in case you don’t realize that I’m kidding around here, for the record:

Happy Birthday, America from everybody at Twitter. You don’t really look 2,013 years old, I promise. And if you do, there’s always Botox.

[image credit US National Archives]

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