Cafe Owner Warns Customers: I’m A Black Woman

If you visit the Yeanon Cafe in Osset, West Yorkshire, be warned: The cafe owner is a female and black.

No, I’m not being racist. That is the actual notice the cafe owner has left for customers on the entrance to her establishment.

Apparently, enough racists live in the area that they will literally walk out when they see the color of the owner’s skin. Fed up with the racist customers, the owner posted the following sign:

“I am a black woman … If you are allergic to black people, don’t come in.”

Speaking to the BBC, Martha-Renée Kolleh said some people “take a look at me and walk out“.

Town Demographics and Cafe Sign Reactions

Ossett’s population as of the 2011 census showed a population of 16,116 of which 15724 or 97.5 percent of the population are white.

Speaking about her sign, Ms. Kolleh admits that it has received mixed reactions:

“Some people find it amusing, they were laughing and said ‘oh yes it’s about time you put that up’, so I think they all realize what’s going on here,” she said.

The sign, in all fairness, also promotes the restaurants “wholesome food,” which features a mixture of British, African, and Caribbean food.

Officials representing the town have said they are “utterly appalled” by the outward racism being experienced in the area. Officials have promised to “crush” racism in the town, although they have not yet laid out a plan to reach that goal.

Cafe Closure At The Hands Of Racism

Unfortunately ,Ms. Kolleh says her “black woman” cafe sign may be the restaurant’s last gasp. While she loves cooking for those residents who enter the restaurant, the number of people walking away because of her skin color may ultimately force her closure.

According to the restaurant owner, the establishment could close by the fall.

Do you think the black women’s cafe sign takes things too far or is well warranted based on rampant racism?