‘Terrorists Won’ Beer Video Makes You Wonder What Fox News Is Smoking [Video]

COMMENTARY — A new Fourth of July Sam Adams beer commercial had Fox & Friends host Jesse Watters spluttering: “The terrorists have won.” I have no control over how long these videos stay up but, at the time of writing, you can click that button and go to about 1:50 minutes in to see that claim.

Better yet, watch the whole video from the beginning. As you can see, Sam Adams made a beer commercial where the bartender spouts off random feel-good quotes from the Declaration of Independence to sell us a beer.

The Boston-produced Sam Adams beer is named after one of the Founding Fathers and using a patriotic theme to sell their product is just a thing they do. We’re all used to it by now, and I don’t think even Fox is all that concerned about that.

In this particular clip, the Fox & Friends commentators are exercised because the actor leaves out that bit from the Declaration about being endowed by their Creator.

That’s because the beer industry advertising guidelines, which you can read for yourself at the Beer Institute’s website, do not allow beer companies to use religion or religious themes to promote their products.

Yeah, that’s apparently the faux Fox official holiday outrage for the Fourth of July 2013. America is in collapse and the terrorists won because of a beer commercial that failed to mention the Creator to make a sale.

Is this something like the fake War on Christmas that Fox tries to get us pumped up about every year?

I just don’t understand how there’s any evidence here that the terrorists have won. The beer makers haven’t done a thing wrong.

They’ve tried to get a nice feel-good Fourth of July Declaration of Independence thing going on — and Fox & Friends have thrown cold water all over it.

If there’s something wrong with this commercial, you’ll have to set me straight because I just don’t see it.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this Sam Adams controversy that looks like a tempest in a teapot to me. What exactly have the terrorists won as a result of this beer commercial?

[Sam Adams beer tour photo by Ep Jhu via Flickr, Creative Commons]

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