Fireworks Explosions Video Round-Up For Your 4th Of July Pre-Party

What’s better than a fireworks explosion disaster video to get you in the mood for your upcoming 4th of July celebration? Well, how about six fireworks disasters to wreck your own nerves and those of everyone around you?

2012’s biggest 4th of July fireworks disaster, as you’ll remember when you watch the top video, was the amazing explosion that occurred in San Diego Bay. Through a no-doubt unfortunate series of events, the automated fireworks mechanism set off the fireworks for the entire 18 minute show in less than a minute. Oopsy.

But good fireworks explosions can run the gamut from the ridiculous to the truly horrific.

At one end of the spectrum, you have drunken competitors for the Darwin’s Awards competing for various ways to blow off body parts or least random parts of their neighborhoods.

At the other end, you have enormous fireworks factory explosions that represent industrial accidents at their worst — not just destroying property or holiday dreams but also taking human life.

You will not be seeing any blown-off body parts in my fireworks explosion video roundup. If you’re looking for blood and gore, you came to the wrong place.

But if you want to see some spectacular, ridiculous, or downright terrifying fireworks explosions, check out some of the selections on this list.

1. 2012 San Diego Big Bay Fireworks Misfire

This is a second video of the same event from a camera pulled back to show all three explosions. If that doesn’t rock your boat, nothing will.

2. Somewhere in Suburbia July 4, 2011

These guys don’t say exactly where in America this event happened. But it was probably right down the street from my house. Eek.

3. Another 2011 Drunken Suburban Fireworks Explosion

If you listen, you can hear their neighbor begging them to not to shoot at his house.

But it isn’t just shooting off fireworks that creates a public hazard. There’s the buying and selling of the explosive little sticks of wannabe dynamite too.

4. Mexico Fireworks Explosions Disaster

America isn’t the only home of fireworks disasters. In this 2005 video filmed the day before Mexican Independence Day, an entire 43,000 square foot fireworks open-air market of over 300 booths goes up in flames.

A customer carelessly set off a bottle rocket in the market, which went into a booth and set off the first round of fireworks. Then a chain reaction set in, ultimately destroying the entire market within moments. In an astonishing stroke of luck, no one was killed.

But apparently nothing was learned either. There was an almost identical accident which destroyed the fireworks market the very next year.

4. Deadly 2012 Lunar New Year’s Fireworks Explosion in Thailand

This horrifying footage is from the Year of the Dragon Ceremony in early 2012. Three organizers and one spectator lost their lives in the terrifying explosion and fiery aftermath.

5. Kolding, Denmark Fireworks Factory Explosion Complete With Mushroom Cloud

I believe this amazing footage is the 2004 explosion in Kolding, Denmark also known as the Seest fireworks disaster, for the suburban area where the fireworks factory was located. One firefighter died, but the evacuation of the neighborhood saved countless lives. Over 2,000 buildings were damaged and destroyed, and the cost of the disaster was estimated at around €100 million.

6. Devon, England Fireworks Factory Explosion

“It was like a pet tiger that you kept until it got out and you realized it was hungry,” the factory owner said of his former fireworks business.

Watching the factory explode in minutes just makes it more astonishing that rescue workers were able to get all 13 workers out alive.

Haven’t had enough? Keep your eyes peeled. If your neighbors are anything like mine, a few laws against hobby fireworks won’t stop them from setting off a few fireworks explosions in celebration of the 4th of July.

So who knows? You too may get the opportunity to film a 4th of July fireworks explosion disaster video.

[fireworks photo by Jon Sullivan via Wikimedia]