July 3, 2013
Kayaker Calls 911 After Alligator Pops Her Vessel In Florida Everglades

A woman who was kayaking through the Florida Everglades by herself almost died after a huge alligator attacked her flimsy and inflatable vessel, and left her stranded in marshland, surrounded by other gators.

Sarah Boynton was marauding through the murky waters of the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge in Florida when she was set upon by a hoard of the creatures, with one even penetrating her boat with its teeth.

As the ordeal began to unfold, Boynton noticed that she had ventured into a small waterway that was reserved for staff, and it had various signs to prove it, and the only help that she had was in the shape of a cellphone, which she then used to call 911.

Boynton told officers, "There's two very large alligators out here, and I can't kayak. I'm sinking," in a frantic and panic-stricken tone.

Her boat then began to take on water, so she instinctively decided to paddle towards the water's edge, and once she made it to dry land she got out of the boat and waited in the tall grass of the marshland, unguarded from the perilous teeth of the encroaching beasts.

She told 911, "I pulled myself up on top of grass, but as I said, there's two really big alligators in here and I'm just sitting here now."

Rescuers eventually found Boynton, who was located around a quarter of a mile away from where a similar attack occurred in April. The 52-year-old revealed that she was wary about being trapped overnight, which would have been a distinct possibility if she didn't have her phone on her or had lost service.

It is believed that the alligator was a large female who was simply trying to protect her young from the equally terrified Boynton, so as such authorities are "not going to remove the alligator."

[Image via jo Crebbin/Shutterstock]