Greta Van Susteran Leaving Fox News For CNN?

Greta Van Susteran may be leaving Fox News, according to speculation now buzzing on the web. The New York Times mentioned the possibility hidden in an article about another Fox stalwart, Megyn Kelly.

It claimed that Greta had “initiated meetings with CNN” about the possibility of returning to the network where her career started.

According to the Mediate website, NY Times reporter, Bill Carter, wrote that an executive from CNN “confirmed Tuesday that those talks had taken place.”

Van Susteran strenuously denied the story. She wrote on her blog “I’m not going anywhere.” But that was a bit ambiguous. Did she mean not moving from her prime time spot with Fox? Or was she referring to not jumping ship and moving to CNN?

She also had a swipe at – what she termed – ”anonymous sources” and slammed them for their lack of courage in not revealing themselves.

It’s known that she is having issues with Fox about moving to a 7 pm slot, and whether they consider that ‘prime time.’ Or, maybe, a shift to weekends only?

As of now, no one knows anything for sure. If they do, they are playing their cards close to their chest.

Would you like to see Greta Van Susteran back at CNN? Or, do you think she owes a loyalty to Fox News? You can sound off in the comments section below

[Image via Huffington Post]