‘Silver Surfer’ Movie In The Works, Says Stan Lee

Is there a Silver Surfer movie in our future? According to comic book legend Stan Lee, there’s a very strong possibility it could happen.

In a new interview, the man who created many of the characters you know and love today revealed that Marvel currently has a number of projects in the works. In addition to Dr. Strange and The Black Panther, Lee said the studio is kicking around a standalone Silver Surfer flick.

“There is no way they won’t eventually do a ‘Silver Surfer’ movie. It may not be for a few years because they’re thinking and working on ‘Doctor Strange,’ ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Ant-Man,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ But they’ll get around to a ‘Silver Surfer’ feature because he’s a wonderful character,” Lee explained during his chat with MTV.

As a fan of Silver Surfer, this writer is particularly excited about the prospect. Although 20th Century Fox attempted to bring the character to life in the severely misguided Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, it wasn’t exactly true to the comics many of us remember reading.

Worst Previews points out that developing a movie around the intergalactic surfer could be a problem for Marvel Studios at the moment. The folks at 20th Century Fox currently own the rights to the character. Unless, of course, there’s something Stan Lee knows that we do not.

In addition to revealing a little about Marvel’s hopes and dreams regarding the Silver Surfer movie, Stan Lee told MTV that he doesn’t create obscure superheroes. When asked which of his lesser-known creations he’d like to see on the big screen, Lee was quick to defend his work.

“I do not have obscure heroes, thank you very much! We will strike that question from the record!” the legendary comic book creator said.

Are you excited about the possibility of a Silver Surfer movie?