‘Dr. Strange’: How The Marvel Film Could Begin

Dr. Strange is coming from Marvel, and here are details on how it might begin.

The plot for the upcoming Marvel film Dr. Strange has apparently been revealed, even though the film itself is said to be at least a couple of years away. Yes, the standalone Dr. Strange movie could hit by 2016, meaning that it may be part of Marvel’s phase three of super hero films.

Dr. Strange is one of those super heroes who gained his powers through hard work and extensive study, using his knowledge of human anatomy and occult magic to help save humanity. That being said, you can probably expect the likes of Westboro Baptist Church to protest the premiere screening.

According to the Latino Review, Dr. Strange will follow the story of Stephen Vincent Strange as he grows up and learns to deal with loss, and takes measures to try to ensure it doesn’t happen again. At the age of ten, he witnesses his 13 year old sister Donna dying in a swimming accident. Then the movie may flash forward to Stephen as a neuro-surgeon, earning his keep as he studies the mystic arts. Yes, Dr. Strange is an actual Doctor with a PhD and everything.

What makes him … well, strange, is that most super heroes have things happen to them to gain their powers. Spider-Man gets bitten by a radioactive spider, Iron Man has to cope with a machine keeping shrapnel out of his heart as well as the restructuring of a weapons manufacturing company, Daredevil gets toxic waste sprayed in his eyes as a child … you know the stories.

However, Dr. Strange is apparently one of the only super heroes who chose his path because of what happened earlier on in life. The death of his sister drives him to find a way to prevent the deaths of others.

In the end, Dr. Strange may face three villains in the film, including Dormammu, Karl Mordo and the Giant Mindless Ones.

What do you think of how Marvel’s Dr. Strange might begin? Are you excited to see it in Marvel’s phase three?