Man Who Carried Around Woman's Remains In Backpack Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter

A man who carried around a woman's remains in his backpack pleaded guilty to manslaughter on Friday.

Michael Dorman was charged with killing Lakeia Boxley in 2010 after her remains were found in his backpack. A friend of his turned him in after he allegedly told him that he needed help getting rid of the remains of a prostitute he shot.

When police questioned him, however, Dorman said that he just found the woman's remains and wanted to use them for sexual pleasure.

According to Assistant District Attorney, the man who carried around a woman's remains in his backpack said that he accidentally shot Boxley in the head after she didn't have sex with him. The gunshot did not kill her, so he proceeded to strangle her and stuff her in a suitcase.

Dorman said he only pleaded guilty because he did not think he had a fair chance at trial.

“I am not pleading guilty out of guilt but out of fear I won’t get an unbiased or fair trial," he said.

The 35-year-old will receive a minimum of 61 months in prison for the death of Boxley. Judge ordered a mental health evaluation for Dorman in prison and gave him credit for the three years he has already served in jail.

Boxley's family is unhappy with the plea deal and said that she didn't receive justice.

"It’s just unbelievable. The justice system is supposed to protect and serve, and they let this guy slip through the justice system twice," her sister, Latifah White, said.

White even brought the remains of her sister to court that day and gave a statement to the assistant district attorney that expressed her anger towards Dorman.

“I hope you see her in your sleep,” White said to Dorman in the statement. “I hope she haunts you for the rest of your life.”

Do you think the man who carried around a woman's remain's in his backpack received a fair deal?

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