Melissa Nelson, Fired For Being ‘Irresistible’ Gets Second Chance In Court

A woman fired from her job for being too “irresistible” will get another chance at her sex-discrimination lawsuit after the Iowa Supreme Court ruled this week to reconsider the case according to ABC News.

Melissa Nelson had worked for Dr. James Knight for 10 years before she was fired for apparently threatening his marriage.

How had Nelson threatened Knight’s marriage? Apparently for being “irresistible.”

As previously reported on The Inquisitr:

“There were no allegations of sexual harassment from either party mentioned in the lawsuit.

“However, prior to her dismissal, Nelson recalled 53-year-old Knight complaining about the figure-conformity of her clothing being especially distracting.

“Knight and Nelson, both married with children, would casually exchange text messages, and she valued him as something of a father figure.

“Nelson was blindsided with the termination. Knight’s wife, who also worked at the practice, insisted based on the text exchanges she found on her husband’s phone.”

The all-male Iowa State Supreme Court ruled in December that Knight was in his legal rights when he fired Nelson because he didn’t fire her strictly on gender according to ABC News.

While it was doubted that an appeal would happen, the news that Nelson would get a second chance in court delighted her.


“I can tell you she was surprised and delighted by the news that the Iowa Supreme Court has withdrawn its earlier ruling,” Nelson’s attorney, Paige Fiedler, told ABC News in a statement.

“Not only does this breathe new life into her court case, it eliminates what many of us believed was a harmful legal and misguided precedent.”

Ryan Koopmans, a Des Moines attorney who has no affiliation with the case, stated that no new evidence will be heard, but “will likely be issuing a new opinion.”

Nelson seems hopeful of the fact that she is getting a second chance in court. ABC News stated that Nelson hopes that even if the law hasn’t changed, how the judges interpret it will.

[Image via Yahoo News]