Woman Scares Off Intruder With Toy Gun

A woman did not take kindly to an intruder peering into her bedroom late Monday night, so she scared him off with a toy gun.

Her dog started growling in the middle of the night, so she knew something was wrong.

“I was sleeping and she started growling and so I knew something was wrong.  And so I sat up and I was trying to listen for something and I see a masked man appear in the doorway peeking around the corner. And he saw me and I saw him and I jumped up and grabbed this toy gun,” she said.

Jane Rainboth reached for the gun on her nightstand and yelled, "I got a gun! I got a gun!"

The burglar apparently thought the gun was real and ran off.

"I guess if somebody tells you they've got a gun, you don't want to stick around to find out if it's real or not," she said.

Rainboth ran outside and called 911. The cops showed up shortly after while she still had the gun in her hand.

"They said, 'Put the gun down, put the gun down!" Rainboth said. She explained it was only a toy.

The deputies and police dogs searched the neighborhood and finally found the intruder in the woods. Roland Stuart was arrested and charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling.

"I hope he will learn something from this and maybe think twice before he ever does it again," she said.

Rainboth said that she keep her son's fake gun by her bed for protection. However, the gun only shoots small rubber pellets that couldn't hurt anyone.

What do you think of the woman who scared off the intruder with a toy gun? Would you have done the same thing?

[Image via Shuttershock]