Sarah Palin: Immigration Reform Like Obamacare, Will Be Passed Before We Knows What’s In It

Sarah Palin says the Immigration Reform bill can be compared to Obamacare, meaning that it’ll be “Pelosied” through Congress and we’ll only know what’s in the Immigration Reform bill once it’s passed.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, 52 percent of Americans now have an unfavorable view of Sarah Palin, while 37 percent have a favorable opinion.

As might be predicted, 73 percent of Republicans favor Sarah Palin while 73 percent of Democrats and 51 percent of independents view Palin unfavorably. But regular Fox viewers are overall happy to have Sarah Palin back, ready to swing wildly with her opinions.

This time, Sarah Palin came out swinging at the Immigration Reform bill and the actions of her fellow Republicans:

“Just like they did with ObamaCare, some in Congress intend to ‘Pelosi’ the amnesty bill. They’ll pass it in order to find out what’s in it. And just like the unpopular, unaffordable ObamaCare disaster, this pandering, rewarding-the-rule-breakers, still-no-border-security, special-interests-ridden, 24-pound disaster of a bill is not supported by informed Americans. … It’s beyond disingenuous for anyone to claim that a vote for this bill is a vote for security. Look no further than the fact that Sen. Rubio and amnesty supporters nixed Sen. [John] Thune’s amendment that required the feds to finally build part of a needed security fence.”

Fortunately, the gang of eight recently worked out a deal on border security, taking away most of the bite in Sarah Palin’s immigration reform critique. Senator Lindsay Graham says the current version of the Immigration Reform bill would provide $30 billion for 40,000 border agents, up from the 21,000 agents in the original bill. The compromise would also require 700 miles of fencing aerial drones to patrol the US and Mexico border. But, as with all bills in Congress, these changes are all verbal agreements, not yet finalized, and could change quickly.

Sarah Palin’s Immigration Reform bill critique relies on the Heritage Foundation’s report that claims the Immigration Reform bill will cost $6.3 trillion over the next 50 years. But other critics of Sarah Palin’s Immigration Reform bill critique dismiss the Heritage report and point out the Congressional Budget Office is claiming the Immigration Reform bill would save an estimated $20 billion a year. The CBO estimate is based upon the presumption that former illegal immigrants will begin paying federal taxes and this amount would exceed any raised costs. Heritage, on the other hand, assumes $3.1 trillion in increased federal income with the expected cost at $9.4 trillion.

Critics of the CBO point out that the CBO has been wildly inaccurate in the past, which includes the cost projections of Obamacare. In 2010, the CBO projected Obamacare would cost $944 billion over ten years, but only two years later in 2012 the CBO was saying Obamacare will in reality cost upwards of $1.9 trillion, more than double the original projections. Obamacare taxes also doubled, topping $1.2 trillion. But the recession has apparently slowed healthcare spending overall due to the decline in people’s wealth, so as of 2013 the CBO is guessing Obamacare will cost about $1.7 trillion. As a comparison, in 2010 the Heritage Foundation estimated the cost of Obamacare to eventually reach $2.5 trillion, which might be considered a worst case scenario.

Do you agree with Sarah Palin that the Immigration Reform bill is like Obamacare?