John Wayne Bobbitt Says Losing Penis Improved His Love Life, Has Bed Over 70 Women Since

John Wayne Bobbit severed penis

20 years ago, John Wayne Bobbitt had his penis sliced off by his wife Lorena, after a blistering row, and was told that he would never be able to have sex again.

It all began after he and his ex-wife started to argue when he returned home from an evening out drinking with his friends. When he fell asleep, Lorena went into the kitchen took out a kitchen knife and sliced off his penis, before jumping into a car and throwing it out of the window.

Bobbit was lucky to survive the incident, and Doctors stated that he would never be able to have sex again, but he has since gone on to recover and has slept with around 70 women, even working as a porn star for a brief time.

Bobbitt has now been discussing the ordeal with The Sun, stating, “The doctors told me I would never be able to have sex again because my injuries were so bad. But I’ve proved them wrong time and time again. I believe I’ve slept with 70 women since the incident.”

He also added, “Being the most famous man to have his penis chopped off does have its advantages. It definitely has not hurt my love life, in fact it improved it.”

Bobbitt also talked about the first time he felt a sensation in his penis, saying, “About three weeks after the operation, after the nurses were changing my bandages, I suddenly felt a tingly feeling. It wasn’t perfect but it was there.”

He then stated that he was so excited he called his mother, “I was so excited I phoned my mother. Bless her, she was so embarrassed! She said, ‘Don’t tell me – talk to your father about it.”

It took two years for Bobbitt’s penis to fully recover, but he added he was only three months out of hospital before he took advantage of his newfound celebrity status.

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