John Kerry Discusses Climate Change During Middle East Tour

John Kerry discussed climate change during his Middle East tour. Speaking at the India Habitat center in New Delhi, Kerry urged Indian officials to work toward developing green initiatives.

Kerry applauded India’s efforts to decrease poverty. However, he pointed out that climate change is an equally vital issue. Kerry contends that climate change can have a devastating impact as “Mother Nature is telling us to heed the warnings.”

As reported by Global Post, Kerry’s grim warning was underlined by devastating floods that killed nearly 1,000 residents of Northern India. As India continues to recover from the disaster, John Kerry explains that green initiatives can slow environmental disasters and stimulate the economy:

“Here in India, the home of so much of the history of science, we must recognize that today the science of climate change is screaming at us for action … The good news is that if we do this right, it won’t hurt our economies, it will grow them.”

India has made significant progress in the adoption of solar power. However, they continue to resist regulations on carbon emissions. As India has become an emerging economy, they are urged to work with other nations that have committed to the reduction of pollution.

In addition to the climate change discussion, John Kerry announced an aid package worth $150,000. The funds will help India recover from the devastating floods.

As reported by Yahoo News, Kerry will continue his tour, stopping in Qatar. The US continues to promote peace talks including the Taliban and Afghan government.

Talks were set to begin late last week. However, continued violence and a dispute over a newly opened Taliban office in Doha threaten to stall the discussions. Kerry hopes that a compromise will be reached so the talks can continue as planned.

John Kerry will continue his Middle East tour this week, discussing climate change and promoting the use of green energy. He also hopes to spend some of his time promoting peaceful resolution in Afghanistan.

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