Sisters Sue Father Over College Tuition

Four sisters have filed a lawsuit against their father, claiming that he reneged on a promise to pay his youngest daughter’s college tuition.

According to the New York Post, Ina, Lola, Magdalena, and Nora Kelleher filed a lawsuit against their father, Connecticut-based child psychologist Dr. Daniel Kelleher, in Manhattan Supreme Court. The suit alleges that Kelleher promised to give his daughters an apartment in Paris, which earns a rental income of around $2,600 a month. He also agreed to give them half of a checking account he shared with their mother, Sylvie Furstenberg, from whom he is divorced. The agreement was put into writing, and the family signed it in June 2012.

Ina, Magdalena, and Nora also agreed to give their portion of the rental income to pay for half of Lola’s tuition at Oberlin College. Their father agreed to pay the other half.

According to court documents, Dr. Kelleher “breached his contract with [his daughters] by failing and refusing to perform in good faith his obligation to transfer the monthly rental income less any maintenance charges from the Paris apartment for the months of July and August 2012 to his four daughters.” The sisters are claiming that Kelleher owes $5,300 in tuition.

Oberlin College is a private liberal arts college in Oberlin, Ohio, and was the first American institution to regularly admit female and black students. The college was also reportedly a significant stop on the underground railroad prior to the Civil War. In March, the school was forced to cancel classes after an individual wearing a white hood and robe appeared near the Afrikan Heritage House, a program house for “residents and students of the African Diaspora.” The month before, racist and anti-gay messages were found around the school, which has a student body of 2,800. The FBI stepped in to investigate the incidents.


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