Dreyfoos Bodies Update, Active Shooter Now Sought [Breaking]

Yesterday in Florida, two Dreyfoos bodies found in a local school of the arts sent shockwaves through the community, and as the day wore on, unusually vague statements on the deaths prompted nationwide curiosity — due in part to a very large number of questions and few answers.

Update, 10:29 AM: An active shooter is now being sought and police urge extreme caution following the Dreyfoos bodies incident.

For much of Thursday, all we knew about the Dreyfoos bodies was that early in the morning (at about 6:30 AM EST), employees arriving at the school discovered two dead individuals in a “maintenance area.”

In the early stages of reporting, at least one of the Dreyfoos bodies was confirmed to be that of a school custodian, with no information initially released on the other person found dead.

Later in the day, while no identification was offered, we learned that both were adults and that no students were involved in the mysterious deaths. Police also confirmed that SWAT teams searched on initial reports of a possible active shooter, but it was quickly added that both of the Dreyfoos bodies had no immediately discernable cause of death.

Now it seems that both victims may have been shot, and police are seeking a gunman who may pose a grave risk to others.

Thursday morning, police announced an active shooter is being sought after they identified Ted Orama and Christopher Marshall, both custodians, as the Dreyfoos bodies found.

Local news sources report that another Dreyfoos custodian is the suspected shooter, saying:

“According to West Palm Beach police, Javier Burgos, 53, a fellow custodian at the school, is a suspect in the deaths of co-workers Ted Orama, 56, of Greenacres, and Christopher Marshall, 48, of West Palm Beach… Police have advised to use extreme caution as Burgos is depressed and has multiple weapons.”

It is not precisely clear why cause of death for the Dreyfoos bodies case was not made public until this morning, but cops have warned locals that Burgos is driving a silver Toyota and is likely armed.