Brothers Save Sister From Bear After It Came For Their Bacon

Two brothers saved their sister from a young and potentially dangerous black bear in Wyoming on Father’s Day.

The Kelly family from Utah had traveled to Camp New Fork in Wyoming for the weekend. The dad in question, Brandon Kelly, got pancakes and bacon at the campsite.

Then the large brood attended church services.

However, after the Sunday services were over, three of the children took off. As if that wasn’t scary enough, two workers came running toward their mother Kamila Kelly to report a bear in the park.

Uh oh.

Although the family had cleaned up the breakfast goodies, an NBC affiliate noted that there was a slight trace of bacon grease left on the grill. And Homer Simpson ain’t the only one out there who likes bacon.

Baden Kelly, 11, told Utah newspaper The Deseret News that he’d had a feeling that he should stay with his 7-year-old sister Moriah Kelly. She somehow got ahead of the boys, but he saw the black bear near their trailer.

He called for her to run, but the little girl froze up instead:

“I said, ‘Run Moriah,’ and she didn’t run so I got to her and started running with her and that’s when the bear started running after us. By the time it got to about 10 feet behind us, my brother [Logan Kelly] came running really fast out of his cabin and shouted very loudly.”

The quick action by the two brothers allowed them to save their sister.

For the record, Utah officials later advised residents that it’s rarely a good idea to run away from a bear. When Logan and then Baden charged toward the bear, that’s what frightened it off.

However, when Baden and Moriah first ran from the bear, that may have triggered the animal’s desire to chase.

The bear later charged a ranger searching for it and had to be killed. It seems clearcut that the brothers saved their sister from a potential tragedy.

[black bear photo by Forest Wander via Wikimedia Commons]