ESPN producer Leah Siegel dies of breast cancer at 43

ESPN producer Leah Siegel, who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer after the birth of her third child in 2008, died in a hospice early today.

Husband Eric Loehr updated her Caring Bridge blog today to inform readers that Siegel had passed away at around 4:30am. Loehr said in part:

Many of you have stressed your ongoing support, even after Leah’s passing, for me and the family. This is humbly appreciated. The kids were told about Leah’s passing, and they took it pretty well. As they grow and understand more, they will learn about the amount of love you have all shined on Leah, and they will know how special she was.

A fellow ESPN employee commented to the Dallas Morning News about Siegel’s death:

“Leah loved Eric and her kids and her work,” said ESPN reporter Ed Werder. “In the end, I agree with a colleague who told me today that she would rather we remember the good times rather than wallowing in sadness and dwell on our inability to fathom the damned unfairness of this sad ordeal.”

Loehr said that two services are currently being planned for his wife, but that dates and times are not yet available. He indicated that the first service would be “traditional,” and the second would be a celebration of Siegel’s “legacy.”