Drowned Dog Facebook Photo Leads To Arrest

A drowned dog’s Facebook photo may have led to the capture of the animal’s killer. I have posted the picture from the Facebook page down below, but be cautious before you scroll down.

You should be aware that it’s an upsetting image of a dog chained to a rock and left to drown in the ocean’s waves.

The photo was posted by Germa Marquez and also on the ¡Por Mi Perro Mato! Facebook pages.

Marquez encountered the sad sight when she was strolling in a park on the beach in Huelva, Spain at low tide. By then, it was too late to save the helpless animal.

However, she posted her photo of the drowned dog to Facebook and begged for help in finding the culprit. She was angry and said that it wasn’t the first time that she witnessed animal cruelty in the area.

A Spanish translation of one of her comments said: “Today we have many ways to make sure that things like this will not go unpunished. Technology can help in cases like this.”

Apparently, it did help. The Austrian Times reported Monday that someone had recognized the dog and tipped off the name of the owner to the police.

According to their report, a man decided to drown the dog because he couldn’t afford to have the animal euthanized humanely.

A police spokesman said, “Instead he tied the dog to a rock on the beach and left [it] there to drown when the tide came in.”

In a similar case in the United States, a dog in Texas was abandoned on the highway by being chained to a guardrail. Fortunately, that animal was rescued.

The suspect is now facing animal cruelty charges in the case of the Facebook drowned dog.

drowned dog facebook
The photo posted to Facebook

[drowned dog victim photo by Germa Marquez via Facebook]
[beach photo by Paulo Brandao via Flickr and Creative Commons]