Texas Dog Abandoned On Highway Chained To 35 Pound Barbell Weights, Guardrail

A Texas dog abandoned on a highway Sunday near San Antonio was chained and padlocked to the busy Interstate 10 access road guardrail — and also to two 35 pound barbell plate weights. The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS) rescued the terrified pit bull, but they are now making an appeal on Facebook to find the man who committed the cruel crime.

According to the ACS, one witness has already come forward to say that he saw the man put on his hazard lights and pull over to chain the dog there. That eye witness said that he saw “a Hispanic male in his 30s or 40s, last seen driving an early model red Dodge Ram extended bed pickup with paper plate.” But if anyone else saw more, they are asked to come forward.

Although the abandoned dog is a pit bull or pit bull mix, ACS discovered that he’s a friendly, healthy, energetic animal. No one seems to have an explanation for why someone would choose to chain the frightened dog in the dangerous location.

San Antonio Animal Care Service workers have named him Fresno and plan to release him for adoption after the waiting period for the owner to return has expired.

The new name comes from the nearby busy Fresno I-10 exit.

ACS worker Lisa Norwood told local news radio that animal cruelty investigators are determined to find Fresno’s last owner even though he won’t be getting the animal back. “There is a statute in state laws which allows an animal cruelty investigator to charge someone who unlawfully abandons their pet,” she explained.

I don’t think I have to tell you this, but apparently someone in San Antonio can’t figure out that it’s illegal to abandon a dog by chaining him to a Texas highway guardrail.

[photo of Texas abandoned dog by City of San Antonio Animal Care Service via Facebook]