Wolf Vs. Sheep No Contest, Sheep Wins [Video]

Wolf vs. sheep seems like a pretty straightforward matchup. You put your money on the wolf, kick back with a brew, and wait to collect. I mean, what’s the sheep got on her side?

She’s going to get all itchy and scratchy and fuzz you to death?

But a new soon-to-be viral video proves that there’s no such thing as a sure bet.

According to some wolf vs. sheep footage posted to YouTube this weekend, the smart money should be placed on the sheep.

The wolf appears to believe he’s the favorite, since he spots the mother sheep with two youngsters from some distance away before he charges the tiny herd.

However, it looks like you do not want to be the wolf that misses with a mama sheep. His hunt soon comes to an inglorious end.

There’s actually a bit of discussion underway at YouTube about why the sheep was able to chase off the wolf, even though she was encumbered with two little ones.

One theory goes that wolves are pack hunters, which is fair enough. But heck, should it take the whole pack to bring down a sheep?


I don’t care what a bumbling fumbler the lone wolf is. He’s still a wolf, and she’s still a sheep. It really makes you question your assumptions, doesn’t it?

Some wolf fans may know that the US federal government plans to remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list in the 48 contiguous states. Some of the pressure for the delisting has come from ranchers, who say that there are already too many wolves.

Hmm. If they’re ranching sheep, maybe they don’t have as much to fear from the wolves as they think.

What’s your theory on the failed hunt footage captured in the wolf vs. sheep video?

[yawning wolf photo by Arran Edmonstone via Flickr and Creative Commons]