Love Seats Now Available In Danish City Buses – Singles Take The Bus

No more boring city bus rides. Take a seat in one of the two “love seats” on a Danish bus in Copenhagen and you could leave the bus holding hands with your next love (or a broken self confidence.)

Arriva Scandinavia have installed “love seats” in more than 100 city buses in Copenhagen. The seats are red and there are two seat placed next to each other in each bus. When you sit down in one of those seats you show the rest of the passengers that you are single and available. Flirting, smiling, cheeky looks and compliments are encouraged.

The “love seat project” will run during the next couple of weeks. Arriva wants to shake up people’s habits making flirting and smiling a part of the bus ride. The love seats may well be the most coveted seats on the bus.

Being single isn’t a taboo anymore. It is ok to show that you are single and on the look out for a new partner. Personally I think it’s a great initiative and hopefully it will make the bus ride for a lot of people better.

Would you sit down in one of the love seats in a bus?