Nazi Commander Found In Minnesota

A Nazi commander was found in Minnesota. Michael Karkov, age 94, has been living in the US since 1949. He entered, and has remained, in the US under false pretenses.

Documents provided through the Freedom of Information Act prove that Karkov was actively involved in the SS-led Ukrainian Self Defense Legion and the SS Galician Division. Both organizations were blacklisted by the US government. Karkov gained entry into the United States as he lied about his prior affiliations.

As reported by CBS News, Karkoc is not formerly identified as a war criminal. However, records indicate that as commander, he was likely involved in several massacres. Under his command, Karkoc’s unit was directly involved in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, along with several other violent massacres.

As the Nazi commander was found living in Minnesota, and obviously lied about his former service, he is now under investigation by German authorities. Under German law “command responsibility” may be considered a war crime. As officers were responsible for ordering massacres, they are often held responsible for the results.

Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center explains:

“If he was the commander of a unit that carried out atrocities… in Germany… even if they can’t show he personally pulled the trigger, he bears responsibility.”

Karkoc has refused to answer questions pertaining to his career as a Nazi commander. The Minnesota man reportedly lives in a modest home in a town populated largely with Ukrainian immigrants.

Strangely, Karkoc felt safe publishing information about his career in a memoir. As reported by Huffington Post, the Nazi commander specifically disclosed his position with the Ukrainian Self Defense Legion in his memoir. He further explained that the unit received their orders “directly from the SS.”

Karkoc’s memoir contained seriously damning information. However, it did not lead to his discovery.

Stephen Ankier, of London, was specifically searching for Karkoc. Through research, Ankier was aware of the Nazi commander’s prior service. In his own words he sought to “publicly confront a man who commanded a company alleged to be involved in the cruel murder of innocent people.”

An internet search revealed that the Nazi commander was living in Minnesota. Although unlikely, he was indeed the man that Ankier hoped to find. Ankier provided the information to the Associated Press, who conducted the initial investigation.

The Nazi commander is now 94-years-old, and has been living in the US for 64 years. Although he lied to gain entry, he remained living in the United States without further question, until now.

[Image via Fotopedia]