Lost Wedding Ring Travels 600 Miles Before Being Returned

Emma Flint

After Barbara Kasang lost her wedding ring she felt sure it was lost forever.

No doubt Kelly Clarkson can relate to this feeling after her own engagement ring horror story.

Kasang searched all over her home, which is located just outside of Chicago, but had no luck and resigned herself to the idea that it was lost for good.

Kasang and her husband have been married for 30 years, and therefore have a lot of precious memories tied to their wedding rings.

However, 600 miles away in Arkansas, ware house manager, Steve Anderson, came across a wedding ring in a newly packaged UPS parcel.

Unbeknown to Kasang, she had accidentally shipped the invaluable piece of jewellery out with her mail and had been none the wiser.

According to Anderson, the moment he examined the ring he knew it was someone's wedding band:

"After opening it up I got a surprise because on top of the wrapping was a ring. And I said, okay maybe their shipping rings with their packages now. But when I look at the ring a lot closer you could tell it was somebody's wedding ring,"

On finding the ring, Anderson immediately called Kasang to inform her that the lost wedding ring was safe and sound, albeit hundreds of miles away.

Anderson continued:

"I've had things like that happen in my life and people have found things and gotten them back to me so I think turn about is fair play. Thing about it is I like to do what is right, [...] We wound up getting it back to them, next day air back to them and she had it back that same week. So I think everything turned out pretty good."

Kind acts surrounding wedding rings aren't anything new to readers after a trash man dug to find a woman's lost wedding ring.

Applied Industrial Technologies, where Anderson works, arranged to mail the wedding ring back to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

As you can imagine, Kasang was very relieved to have her lost wedding ring back on her finger.

[Image via now.msn]