Explosion At Atlanta Airport

There has been an explosion at the Atlanta, Georgia airport.

An evacuation has been trigged after a maintenance shed explosion at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. The incident occurred around 9am this morning, June 11, in a shed at Concourse D, near gate D-21.

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport representative, Reese McCraine, described the event as a “small explosion” and states that no injuries have been reported.

A power outage at the concourse has occurred as a result of the explosion, however, a spokeswoman for the Atlanta Fire Department, Janet Ward, says there is no smoke or fire at the site.

Shortly after the explosion was first reported, an airport announcement indicated that travellers with flights out of Concourse D were not to enter security.

Less than an hour after the explosion, passengers waiting for their flights were tweeting that things had settled down at the airport.

One person shared, “I’m in the airport main terminal. Operations are normal here.”

Another offered:

“Source on a plane at Hartsfield right now says things seem normal, no delay expected in departure.”

WSB-TV has been live-tweeting the incident.

At 10:14am, the official Atlanta airport Twitter account shared the follow:

Explosion At Hartsfield-Jackson Airport runway image
Explosion At Hartsfield-Jackson Airport inside

If you were present during an explosion at an airport, would you still wait to take your flight?

[Images via Twitter]