Restaurant Tip Ban Makes Sushi Yasuda Lovers Happy

Patrick Frye

A restaurant tip ban is making sushi lovers at New York restaurant Sushi Yasuda happy.

Sushi Yasuda is well known for its amazing sushi and its high end prices. They can serve only45 patrons at a time after all.

But now Sushi Yasuda is earning a new reputation based upon its restaurant tip ban that has diners confused but delighted. Sushi Yasuda co-founder Scott Rosenberg explains the restaurant tip ban in this way:

"The diner doesn't [have to] think about how much to leave and make calculations [after] a contemplative and special meal. We're really sort of just staying connected to that classical approach [of fine Japanese dining]."

But don't think the restaurant tip ban is coming out of the waiters and waitresses' pockets. When Sushi Yasuda instituted the restaurant tip ban, they also put their servers on salary, which includes benefits like paid vacation and sick leave. This is paid for by a price hike to the sushi menu.

Rosenberg believes the restaurant tip ban will only benefit his workers:

"Your service staff, for those who want to pursue that as an ongoing career, they have stability, they become part of a family and that's special. You have to be all in if you're a salaried professional. It also attracts people who are more serious about being a part of that craft and being a part of that journey."

The restaurant tip ban also makes accounting easier for the business. Other benefits include a stable income for the workers, who no longer have to worry about weather or other reasons that might slow the tide of customers.

Do you think the restaurant tip ban should be implemented by more businesses?