Channel Islands Rock Returned To Park By Guilty Kid

A Channel Islands rock was returned to the state park after a a young explorer suffered a fit of guilty conscience.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the Channel Islands National Park mail room when this little letter came through. According to a post on the park’s Facebook page, a guilty-stricken kid who visited the California park decided to take a little memento with him: A simple rock.

Consumed with shame, the young visitor mailed the Channel Islands rock back to its rightful place, along with a precious note that read:

“This rock was taken from the Channel Islands National Park and I wish to return it. Thanks.”

Adorably, the note even contained instructions on where the rock properly goes:

“P.S. Santa Cruz Island,” the note concludes.

After receiving the letter, officials posted a photo of it (and the rock) on Facebook, writing:

“Take only memories, leave only footprints. Recently a very honest child (and possible future park ranger!) followed the national park’s ‘no collecting’ regulation and returned a rock in the mail that was taken from Santa Cruz Island. It’s never too late to do the right thing.”

We don’t know if rocks make the cut for the “no collecting policy, but Channel Island rangers were touched nonetheless. The post is slowly going viral with over 100 likes and numerous shares. Visitors to the page have been similarly touched by the note’s honesty.

“This child is the product of parents that know how to lead,” wrote one user.

A few users have wondered what the hubbub is all about. It is a simple rock, after all:

“Jeez, I feel bad for the kid. I understand conservancy, but one single rock, that’s just silly. Animals move rocks around all the time,” wrote one user.

Here’s the Channel Islands rock photo. Tell us what you think!

Channel Islands rock note