Oops — Attack Ad Attacks Wrong Person

Political campaigns are notorious for their negative ads, but this Halloween, a Tennessee senator is making headlines for accidentally attacking the wrong person.

Sen. Diane Black aired an ad bashing Jo Ann Graves, her incumbent opponent from four years ago, on TV stations this week. Graves is now a mayor. She’s not in the current Senate race.

The spot ran at least two times before being pulled, Nashville papers report. The company responsible for the advertisements told The Tennessean “the coding on the old ad was almost identical to that of a new one” going after Black’s current opponent.

Suffice it to say, Graves wasn’t too happy. She’s demanding a full apology for the gaffe, saying a phone call from Black “expressing her regret” wasn’t enough.

Speaking of attack ads, by the way, our pals over at Mashable stumbled across a fun site that lets you create your own negative campaign. It’s called, fittingly, Attack Ad Generator — and it’s a fantastic way to waste some time and amuse yourself.

Here’s a random and completely nonsensical video I just put together:

The options are endless. Enjoy!