Dying Man Seeks Missing Chihuahua

A dying man in Florida wants to see his precious dog one more time before he goes.

John Simpson has terminal pancreatic cancer and lost his Chihuahua, Mr. Cutie (not pictured), several days ago. The dog dug a hole under Simpson’s backyard and escaped without wearing any tags.

“When you’re growing up you’re asked, ‘If you could have one wish, what would you wish for?’ Back in those days, I used to say, ‘As many wishes as I could wish for.’ Now, my only wish would be for my dog to come home,” Simpson said. “Part of me feels like I can go in peace if that happens.”

A friend was watching Simpson’s home as he stayed in a hospice room and believes his dog escaped to look for him.

Simpson is not the only terminally ill person who was close to his dog. A couple of years ago, an Iowa man reunited with his 8-year-old dog just a day before he died.

Paramedics found Kevin McClain unconscious in his car in a Walmart parking lot. He was very ill, but his dog, Yurt, was very healthy and looked well taken care of. McClain was taken to the hospital and his dog was brought to Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control.

Brandi Garrett looked after McClain and said that he was only concerned about his dog and where she would go after he died.

“He was not very communicative,” Garrett said. “The entire time he was there, he only stated his goal was to see his dog. That was really all he was concerned with.”

The dog was eventually reunited with McClain. He was so happy to see his dog and never lost eye contact with her. His last words to here were “Behave. You behave.”

[Image via Shuttershock]