June 16, 2013
Toddler Dies After Father Locks Him In Washing Machine

A 3-year-old boy in France was killed this week when his father placed him in a washing machine and locked him inside.

The boy's father, 33, placed his naked body in the washer as a punishment for flushing drawings that belonged to the boys classmate down a toilet.

The abusive father Christophe Champenois allegedly turned on the cold wash cycle to teach his child a lesson.

The boys mother Charlene Champenois, 25, realized what was occurring and ran her son to a neighbor's home, claiming initially that the boy fell down the stairs.

According to MyFox Washington it was the couple's 5-year-old daughter who told neighbors the truth about the incident. The littler girl also said her brother had also been locked inside a closet on various occasions, sometimes for hours at a time.

The father was arrested and charged with murder of a minor and the mother was arrested and charged shortly thereafter with failure to prevent a crime and for failure to assist a person in danger.

Speaking about the incident neighbor Alice told French news agency Le Parisien:

"I took him in my arms like a broken doll ... I felt the last beat of his heart. Charlene didn't move. She was red all over. She didn't understand he was dead."
The whereabouts of the children are not known at this time.

[Image via ShutterStock.com]