iPad Passport Scan Allows Canadian Traveler To Enter United States

Canadian traveler Martin Reisch realized when he reached the Canada border into the United States that he had left his passport at home, lucky for the tech savvy traveler he had the next best thing, his iPad Passport or at least a scanned copy of his passport on the Apple tablet.

Upon recalling that he had scanned his passport and placed it on his iPad he produced the device and handed it over to a Customs agent who according to the Canadian Press took the gadget and returned several minutes later from the border office with an "all clear" message for Mr. Reisch.

When asked about his quick thinking which led to the iPad Passport idea Martin said:

“I figured I’d try, and in the worst case, I would have to go home."
He does admit that the border agent looked a little annoyed when he first made the request but after a few minutes he said the experience was positive and he was allowed to travel on his way to Vermont.

While border patrol has not yet said digital copies will become a matter of policy at border crossing locations between Canada and the United States the happy traveler noted:

“I think a good part of it had to do with the fact that it was the holidays and I seem like a nice-enough person."
Would you rather have a digital copy of your passport with you at all times such as an iPad Passport? I can see the battery failing just as you need to board a flight, forcing you to wait hours for another plane to departe.