Couple Gets Married In North Carolina Walmart

A North Carolina couple chose to tie the knot at a rather unusual spot: Walmart. That’s right. Wayne and Susan Bradenburg got married at the same Walmart they met each other at in 2005.

Wayne came into Walmart a few times a week to see Susan, who worked as a cashier. “I’d ask her how she was that day, and tell her she looked very nice,” he said.

Wayne eventually became confident enough to ask Susan on a date at a Chinese buffet. Susan gladly accepted his invite and brought her two daughters along. He fell for Susan and started to bring her lunch to Walmart every day. “He was very much a gentleman, and I looked forward to seeing him,” she said.

Just a year later, Wayne proposed to Susan and she accepted. The couple stayed engaged for six years. When they finally decided on a date, Wayne suggested to get married at Walmart.

“I first said it as a joke,” Wayne said. “But we batted it around and realized that it’s where we met, where we dated and where most of her friends worked, so we asked the store and they gave us their blessing.”

“That kiss was the most special part,” Susan said. “I feel thankful to Wal-Mart for bringing us together. It is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.”

Wayne and Susan are not the only people who got married at an usual spot this year. In February, A Cincinnati couple got married at White Castle. Brenda Sparks and Rick Hohweiler met each other at the burger restaurant almost 30 years ago and won a contest to get married there.

The two were surrounded by their friends, family and several customers. They even received a “Crave Case” of 100 White Castle sliders as a wedding gift.

Do you think Walmart is a good wedding spot?