Alcoholics Rejoice! The KegStool Has Arrived…It’s Classy

If sitting at the bar isn’t enough of a reminder that you’re drinking, perhaps you can give the KegStool a try. This “cool” invention turns actual empty kegs of beer into functional bar stools.

The stool offers a nicely padded seat and supports a foot rest so you aren’t dangling your feet while you sit at the bar you created in your basement or at the local Frat house.

The cost? $200, although you can buy the kit for $100 which is probably the best way for the handyman to go considering we can buy a keg full of actual beer for $60 and put down just a $12 deposit on the keg itself (in my area). Basically what you’re really paying for is the classy look of a keg with attached stool. Okay maybe the classy bit is pushing it slightly, but this could be a popular one for drunken frat boys and bachelors looking to stay that way for a long time.

If you have your own keg the kit will provide you with a footrest, swivel-top and all the hardware needed to build your new stool. [GadgetCrave]

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