Girl Reported Missing Found Hiding Under Her Bed

A missing girl was found hiding under her bed, bringing to end an intensive manhunt for what police feared was an abduction.

The 4-year-old Richmond, California, girl was first reported missing on Friday night when she went missing from a family gathering. Amieya Renee Stewart disappeared close to 5 pm from her home at 4230 Wall Avenue, prompting her family to call police.

Police rushed to the area, conducting a sweep of the neighborhood.

Nearly seven hours after she disappeared, the missing girl was found under her bed.

“She was surrounded by many different items and unfortunately had gone undetected,” Lt. Bisa French said.

Amieya’s mother spoke to reporters after the girl was found under the bed, saying she felt sorry to worry everyone during the search. But it was not as if the family simply failed to look hard enough — police said the little girl was obscured from the view of family and police officers, and even police dogs that swept the house failed to detect her.

This makes the second missing person story in a matter of week to come out with an unexpected happy ending. In Cleveland, a trio of girls who had been missing for a decade or more were found being held captive in a home near where they disappeared.

The three have since recovered and returned to families. Though the victims suffered immensely at the hands of their accused captor, the story has become a point of celebration in Cleveland many believed the three to be long-dead.

In Richmond, family members of Amieya Renee Stewart let out a loud cry of relief when they received word that the girl was found under her bed.

Family members may have suspected that was where Amieya could have turned up, however. Her grandmother said the missing girl found under her bed loved hiding.