‘The Hangover’s’ Mr. Chow To Get A Spin-Off?

Ready to hear the worst or possibly the best news ever? Mr. Chow, the Chinese death-obsessed, all-around crazy man from The Hangover series may be getting his own spin-off film. For some critics the trilogy is a staple comedy series, and for other critics the films are nothing more than lazy frat boy comedies.

That said there’s no denying that the true star to break out from all the films (well, besides Zach Galifianakis) is Ken Jeong. In all three films Jeong plays a seriously demented Chinese gangster, who’s obsessed with women, getting everyone killed, and in the third installment takes up cock fighting.

While The Hangover III is ending its trilogy, Zach Galifianakis let the cat out of the bag to Entertainment Tonight, about a possible spin-off for Mr. Chow.

During the interview Galifianakis explains the possibility of a Mr. Chow spin-off: “The ‘Hangover’ movies… have to be in the context of the three of us, I think, and Doug as well. If there was a spinoff — I don’t think I envision a spin-off — but if there was one, I think one with [Mr. Chow, Ken Jeong’s demented Chinese gangster character] would work.”

Sure Mr. Chow is a beloved character of The Hangover series, with his hilarious one-liners and outrageous hijinks, but he’s a character that should only be taken in small doses. Having a fully fledged film about Mr. Chow would be a disaster if he’s not watered down for situational comedy.

Ken Jeong started out as a cameo at best in the first film, but his involvement in the franchise has grown with each film. In the second film he had a nice chunk, which proved to be too long for critics. In this third film the central plot involved Jeong’s Chow has proven to be just too much for some critics.

What do you think? Will you watch a Mr. Chow spin-off?