‘The Hangover’ Guys Can’t Escape Chow In Final Film [Video]

The guys from The Hangover are back, and this time their problems don’t seem to stem from a night forgotten. In fact, director Todd Phillips confirmed it himself when he said the group are “not trying to remember anything” for the last Hangover film.

This means Doug, Phil, Alan, and Stu presumably don’t have an all-night bender in this film and no subsequent hangover. So where do all their problems from The Hangover Part III stem from? Well, it looks like the guys are coming full circle if the newly released clip is enough evidence.

In the clip Phil [Bradley Cooper] declares, “Chow is a cancer!” Of course, he’s referring to Ken Jeong’s hilarious character Mr. Chow, who has caused utter chaos in the group’s lives because of his reckless behavior that leads to the group’s inclusion. Like always it seems that his motto to cheat death or actually die trying stays true in this final film.

Like the usual formula, the group’s problems seem to go from bad to worse as soon as Chow enters the picture. As seen in the clip, to the horror of Stu, Alan receives an e-mail from Chow stating, “it feels good to be out” (we’re assuming prison?) and will be in touch with Alan.

For the last film Ken Jeong’s role has been expanded. In the trailer we see a bit of Chow involved in cockfighting, which is sure to cause at least some hysteria. According to a recent interview most of the plot involves the gang on a manhunt to find his character. Of his role in the film Jeong said:

“I think Chow’s evolution has become from kind of an antagonist or villain in the first one into maybe a friend in the second one. I just love– In this movie you’re going to see different layers of Chow. And it’s become a fully realized and layered character. ”

Check out the brand new clip below:

Are you excited to see more of Mr. Chow in The Hangover Part III?

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