Okay, who was racist over the intercom at Walmart?

A New Jersey Wal-Mart is seeking the culprit or culprits behind an embarrassing racist prank at a New Jersey store.

Shortly before 7PM, shoppers say an announcement over the intercom at a Washington Township store offended shoppers and workers alike:

“Attention Wal-Mart customers: All black people leave the store now.”

Witnesses say staff were clearly upset by the incident, and shoppers were shocked:

“Just as I finished bagging my purchases there was an announcement that said “attention Walmart customers, all black people must leave the store now,'” Ellington explained. “Once I heard that, it was almost like a hush over the whole store momentarily because no one had believed what had taken place.”

An announcement followed about ten minutes later, indicating that staff were reviewing security footage to try and find the person or persons responsible for the announcement. The local police are taking the incident “very seriously,” and treating it as a “bias crime.”

“It’s being treated as a suspected bias crime in which the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office is assisting Washington Township,” Weisenfeld said, adding the county’s victim-witness coordinator has contacted the store manager to offer counseling service to those in the store who were affected by this.

While the actions of the pranksters were certainly offensive and cruel, is counseling really necessary?