YouTube Users Now Uploading 100 Hours Of Video Per Minute

YouTube users are now uploading 100 hours worth of video to the content viewing platform every single minute.

Launched eight years ago, the social video platform now claims four days worth of video uploaded every minute and 144 billion minutes of playable video uploaded every single day.

In a blog post celebrating the new milestone, YouTube writes:

“Over the years, you’ve continued to surprise and delight us. And the past year was no exception. Who would have guessed that a tux-rocking K-pop star would shatter records left and right or that Sesame Street would go global with 1 billion views? That’s one of our favorite things about our global audience: you’re as unpredictable as you are creative and irreverent.”

To put the networks meteoric rise into perspective, in 2011, YouTube users were adding 48 hours of video per minute.

YouTube is now attempting to lure in even more users with the creation of paid content channels that focus on premium content. One such program is the YouTube Channels program, which pays premium content providers to create YouTube channel content over the period of one-year. While channels began in the United States they have continued expanded into new markets that now include Japan, Germany, France, and the UK.

The Google-owned YouTube platform has risen meteorically and continues to showcase new technologies that draw in users.

Even as other social networks are struggling to attract a younger user base YouTube continues to improve, recently reaching over 1 billion monthly users.

With YouTube attracting such a massive amount of content and users, we will likely see deeper Google+ integration and other Google platform options show up on the platform at Google Hangouts and other technologies work to link Google users through all of their accounts.

Do you think YouTube will eventually level off or continue to witness massively improving video upload numbers?