Widower Assaults Traffic Cop For Ticketing Hearse Containing Wife

Hunstanton, Norfolk – A widower is accused of assaulting a traffic cop after the latter took down plate information on the hearse containing the man’s deceased wife.

Rena Page died at the age of 64 from cancer. The funeral parade briefly parked four cars, including the hearse containing Rena’s body, on a single yellow line outside of her home as they waited for the cortege to move along.

As 66-year-old grieving widower Mac Page prepared to leave, he noticed a traffic warden taking details of the processions cars down. Mac approached the officer, explaining “that’s my wife in that hearse” and asking what he was doing.

The traffic cop explained: “I’m just doing my job.”

After that, details are pretty sketchy, but something must have gone down. At least that’s according to the traffic cop, who apparently reported Mac for assault days later. When the Page family found out, they were understandably incensed.

“He didn’t show me any compassion at all,” Mac recalled of the traffic warden.

Rena’s 39-year-old son, Matthew, was similarly displeased with the traffic warden’s conduct.

“There was a total lack of respect. They wonder why they get a bad name,” he said. “I cannot believe someone could be so insensitive.”

A spokesman for West Norfolk Council said that although the warden took down some information, no tickets had been issued. They also refused to apologize.

Still, the reported assault is now being investigated by police.

What do you think? Should the traffic cop have shown some leniency toward the grieving family? Would you blame Mac Page for assaulting the officer? Sound off!

[Image via: ronfromyork / Shutterstock]